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Cuckold Mans Wife Fucked (2022) (NiksIndian Originals)

Nagma and Imran were resting on a lazy Sunday Afternoon on the couch enjoying some Bollywood songs when suddenly the angry landlord popped up. The landlord was very angry and came searching for Imran because the couple has not paid rent for the last 2 months. Today the angry landlord was determined to settle it once and for all. Nagma tried to hide Imran behind the couch under the bedsheet and lied to the landlord that he was not home but the smart landlord knew these old school tricks of these youngsters. He immediately spotted Imran hiding behind the couch and dragged him out. After lot of chaos and screaming and arguments, the landlord offered a deal to the couple- HE WILL FUCK THE HIJABI NAGMA AND FORGIVE 2 MONTHS RENT. Greedy and shameless Cuckold Imran immediately agreed, Nagma was shocked to see this and started crying but there was no excuse today. She had to get fucked by another man in front of her husband to pay for the rent. The landlord enjoyed her young beautiful body to the fullest and destroyed her mouth and pussy fucking it hard with his thick cock, making her moan and scream while Cuckold Imran happily watched his Hijabi Wife getting fucked so brutally by another man.

Genre: HotHot Tv-Shows


Duration: 36 min

Quality: 18+


IMDb: 5.2